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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Temptation of a Kiss ~ Chapter 18

Chapter 18


Brook forced a small smile. “I understand,” she said softly.


Landon could not even bring himself to look her in the eyes. Instead the tip of his finger found the small hollow place were her collar bones met. Tracing small circles within it he desperately searched for words to make everything right for her. To justify what he came there for and was now willing to walk away like the night had never become anything meaningful but for him it had been anything but that. The struggle with his own thoughts between denial and raw honesty shown on his face.


“No regrets.” He heard her whisper. His gaze darted to her. A sweet soft smile with lips he would never forget caused a harsh pain to form in his throat. “Yes, no regrets,” he echoed.


He stood and picked up the only clothing he came in with. Brook watched him as he slid his leg in. Just ask him again to stay. Argue the hour is so late and there would be no harm in doing so.


Landon was not moving fast as he did his best to gather his thoughts. Bloody hell just turn around and tell her what this night has meant to you. That you have never been so damn taken with a woman before tonight. Tell her you have changed your mind about staying, about leaving, about everything.

Brook slowly sat up not caring to take up the sheets with her. This doesn’t have to be the end of this. Please turn to me and confess you want just one more night or to hell with honor and society’s views on us. I would give anything to hear that. She waited for what seemed to be eternity.  Oh please say something to me Landon, anything, just not goodnight.


“Brook I,” he paused. He ran his hand through his hair.


She gazed at his naked back as it heaved with slow breathes. The silk sheet was now mangled in her fists as she waited.


Landon turned to her and their eyes locked. Whatever thought he was holding vanished the instant he set his gaze upon her. In that moment he wanted nothing more than to kiss her again.


“Yes,” she finally said.


“I will see you in the morning.” He reached out and took hold of her hand. Brook rose to her knees as he pulled her hand to him.


A gentle kiss of his lips swept over the top of her hand and then she watched him exit through the French Doors. Sinking back down on her bottom she gazed around the room regretting every single moment that had just passed the last few hours.

Brook grabbed her robe and walked over to the French doors. She stood in the doorway gazing out for any sign of him.


Landon had been leaning on the door frame to the left. He pulled his head back and slipped into the cove next to the door. That was close. What is she doing? She should be locking the doors. Landon waited for a few minutes expecting her to shut the doors and return to bed but that never happened.


The night air was damp but warm. Every star seemed to shine along with the full moon. Brook desired nothing more than to be swept away in them. Saved from her own thoughts and feelings.


“No regrets,” she finally said out load. “Ha, nothing but meaningless words that carry with them empty promises to deceive one’s own heart. I am such a fool.”


Landon let his head fall back to the brick behind him. God, what have I done to her?


“It was almost a perfect night if he had only stayed. My one chance to have what others will live with their whole lives if lucky enough to find it and I had to mess it up somehow.”


He could feel the disappointment in her tone. I have failed her. There was nothing she could have done to make this night anymore perfect than it already was.


She took in a deep breath. “No regrets just memories to carry me through a life time alone.”


Landon listened as the latch on the door clicked shut.




Brook made it down to the main hall for breakfast. The sounds of loud rumblings filled the hall with laughter and chatter. I pray I can sneak in un noticed although doubtful with Grams eagle eye. That woman doesn’t miss a thing.


She approached the breakfast room and paused. Pushing her hands down over her skirt she hoped he wouldn’t be in attendance this morning yet. Fastening a smile she walked forward and around the corner.


“My dear child you cannot possibly go half the day until the next meal with simply just a slice of dry toast in you.” Grams began to pile cinnamon rolls, strawberry filled tarts, and anything else that was within arm’s reach of her. Grams looked to Hanna who was staring wide eyed at her plate. “Well, what are you waiting for they are not going to hop in your mouth child.”


Hanna pinched her lips in and began to blink repeatedly. Quentin gazed at her large blue eyes as her lush thick black eyelashes swept up and down.


“Sweets do not agree with me very well, Grams,” Hanna said.


Grams gazed at her as if she were speaking backwards sentences. “Nonsense you are a Price. All Prices down through the history have had a sweet tooth.”


Hanna gazed up as Quentin started to chuckle. He moved toward her with a plate full of food and pulled out the chair next to her. After sitting down her slid her over flowing mess of sugar food and replaced it with his. “This may be more to your liking, Lady Price.”


Hanna gazed up at him with a spark of amusement in her eye.


“Oh I can see we are going to play the hero today,” Grams muttered under her breath.


Quentin laughed at her disapproval as he picked up a fork.


“Brook, good morning. I did not see you come in,” Sarah said. “Please come take your seat next to me.”


“I was hoping you might like to stroll with me in the gardens after breakfast,” Brook asked as she sat down.


“That would be lovely,” Sarah replied.


The intense glare Sarah had on her caused her to blush.


Sarah leaned in to Brook. “May I ask what we will be chatting about as we stroll?” The question obviously caused Brook to turn from her. Sarah laid her hand on Brook’s forearm. “I do hope it is about a certain tall handsome man that stares at your lips all the time.”


Brook head flew to face Sarah as her mouth dropped open. “He does not, Sarah.”


“Oh I can assure you he most positively does and far more often than he should,” Sarah said in a low hushed voice. “I find myself watching him watch you.”


Brook’s eyes pinched down. “I haven’t noticed that at all.”


Sarah shrugged her shoulders and turned back to her glass of juice. “Well I can see it carries no interest for you so I will drop it.”


She gazed up across the table to were Quentin and Hanna sat eating off the same plate. Grams was watching their every move. Look at the way he is looking at her and she so shyly can barely hold his gaze.


A short while later Brook left the breakfast room to make her way up to her chamber. Passing by Quentin’s study the commotion inside caused her to stop. She pushed open the partly ajar door. “Is everything alright in here?” Her voice drew the attention of all five people.


Grams pulled the tray from the maid’s hands and lead the woman in Brook’s direction. “My boy this is not up for discussion any longer.”


Devon stopped the woman by holding her shoulders. “She is my wife and I will decide what is given to her as treatment, Grandmother.”


“What is going on?” Brook asked as she looked to Richards and the maid.


“What is going on is someone needs to talk some wits into my grandson,” Grams stated loudly.


“Alright one person explain,” Brook said firmly.


The maid broke free from their grip and took a few steps towards Brook. “I have an herbal tea that has been in my family for generation that will help Lady Sarah heal from the inside out.”


“Mostly her memory,” Richards added.


Brook looked over to Devon who seemed to her more scared than mad. “Devon what is your objection to this?”


“I-I don’t think we should mix medians and we know nothing of this tea. It is dangerous.” He said and then turned away gazing out the window.


Brook looked at the maid. “I’m Lady Brook. What is your name?”


“Genets, ma’am.”


“Are there any serious side effect from drinking this tea?” Brook asked.


“The only one I am aware of that could pose harm is lightheadedness for the first few days if she continues to drink it on the schedule I gave lady Wilsbee. The other side effects are minor.”


“The alternative is watching Sarah lose all memory of anything she knows,” Grams said. This quack of a doctor keeps promising we will see improvement and it is nothing but the opposite.”


“Richards cleared his throat. “That I will agree with.”


“Finally,” Grams shouted as she looked to him.


“But I do believe the end decision should be Devon’s,” Richards added. “He will lose-


“We will all lose her, Richards!” Grams snapped. Brook reached out and rubbed her arm and Grams squeezed her hand as she gazed at Richards. “She is as close to my heart as you all are.”


“I won’t allow it,” Devon said with his back still to them. “The risk is too great.”


“I eliminated the risk over two weeks ago,” Grams said. She slid Brook’s hand from her arm and turned towards Devon.


“What does that mean? What have you done?” Devon’s voice grew with panic.


“After speaking with Quentin at the estate that night of the ball I replaced her pills with candy. It’s no longer in her body and safe to try the tea.” Grams said.


Devon turned from her. His entire body began to shake.


“My boy, I know you are freighted but have a little faith in what old medicine has proven. This could work, Devon.” Grams walked forward and wrapped her arms around him. Devon dropped his head. “I can’t lose her, Grams.”


“None of us will let that happen my love,” she whispered into his back.


Brook took hold of the tray and started down the hall to find Sarah. Richards and the maid followed behind her.


“I think we should wait for Devon’s say so,” Richards said.


“The man is frozen with fear, Richards and Sarah is growing worse with every day that passes. We do not have the luxury of time.” Brook stopped in the hall outside where Sarah sat.


“I think I should tell you of the small possible effects from drinking this tea,” the maid said.


“Tell me later,” Brook replied as she entered the room.


Sarah smile as she looked up to her. “Oh you brought tea.”


“Yes I thought it was a perfect time to sit just the two of us and talk for a while,” Brook handed her a cup.


The maid turned to Richards and said, “Please do tell her it is not good idea for her to drink more than three cups a day. Sarah should drink at least eight cups a day.” She then left to the kitchen.


“Are you a lady watcher now, Richards?” Landon said as he patted him on the back.


Richards glanced at him. “The things that go on with this group of odd family and friends is exhausting.”


“Yes I would agree never a dull moment,” Landon said with a chuckle.


The sound of his voice caught Brook off guard and she spilled her tea down the front of her dress.

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The Temptation of a Kiss ~ Free Novel

   How is it possible to stand in the same room with the very person whom consumes your every thought? So close to her and yet not able to utter a word to her.  Can you stop yourself from gazing at her? Do you even hear the person who engages you in conversation? Or are you thinking of the one you want, no need? The sound of her voice draws you closer. The sensual scent of her skin pulls you in further. And then her hand grazes yours and the sudden surge of desire over whelms you completely. A soft whisper in your head says take her. Kiss her now.

   Landon Fields is a man with no rules. To him women have very little use outside his bed. Until now they have all been very predictable, over emotional, and easy to charm. He loves women. He just has no reason to marry one.

   Brook O'Brien does not fit into any category Landon knows of. She is unpredictable. Always in complete control of her emotions. And impossible to charm. She is strong willed and independent.

  The Temptation of a Kiss is the second novel in the series Whispers of Desire. The story of Landon Fields and Brook O'Brien is continued from the first novel "Surrendering".

   Landon and Brook are a perfect match in every way but socially. Landon's family is well established. Brook is the daughter of a poor blacksmith. Both have been engaged in the past and both have been hurt. Giving into their desire for one another is the beginning of the end for both of them. Each one secretly deep in love with the other. They both know they have to walk away with a promise never to look back.


The Temptation of a Kiss
~ Chapter 1 ~

Landon sat in a chair in the corner of Devon’s dim study. He needed to get away and think, hopefully even clear his head somewhat. It was quiet and still, possible just what he needed. He could not seem to stop his thoughts from traveling to Brook. Landon wanted so desperately to forget what had happened between them the last week, but he remained a prisoner to images of her. He was coming undone. The tortuous visions of Brook’s naked body ran out of control in his mind.
It was not just the exchange they shared three times; it was more than that, so much more. It was in every way how she had said his name. The stunning way she felt under his touch. No woman had ever looked at him that way before. Brook had wanted more of him in any way he could give her. And he ceded to her every wish.

Brook had grabbed him, begged with a pleading desire for more of what he so willingly gave to her. He yielded to her in a moment of passion. Relinquishing every part of his deepest desire for her and she knew it. He had let her know it, showing her how he longed to be with her. He had felt helpless to his own fascination with her. The past week had been explosive between them. Each time felt as if it were the first time and was going to be the last of their lives.

Afterwards, the smell of her hair and her skin lingered on him for hours. It drove him crazy and he could not bring himself to wash it off.

He had thought once he bedded her it would cure his desire for her. Instead, it made everything worse. He could see her under his naked body so vividly now. Whereas before, it was a mere imagined thought. Now, his mind was consumed with memories of her and her body and the sound of her voice crying out to him in a moment of pleasure. He still tasted her breath on his, on his lips. Envisioning the way she looked as he caressed her moist skin with the tips of his fingers.

God when was it going to end? She was lingering in his mind, on his clothes, his body, and now . . . in his heart.

Landon rose quickly and went to the bar. He threw back a large shot of whisky in one gulp. A drink Landon should never drink, given his past with it. He knocked back another one just as fast.

It wasn’t long before the affects of the fifth shot were apparent. Landon slumped down in the chair, holding a full glass of the poison. He was going to rid his mind of her tonight. At least that was what he aimed for.

Devon opened the door and walked to his desk. Going through his stack of letters was not one of his favorite things to do. He set aside all the invitations to the balls and parties for Sarah and Grams to go though later. As he gazed at the pile, he smiled at the thought of his wife. Two months ago, he was alone and now, he had Sarah.

“Does love bring about a smile for you Devon?”

Devon whipped his head around in the direction the voice was coming from. Seeing Landon slouched down in the chair, holding an empty glass was not easy for him. It brought to mind many bad memories. He recognized Landon’s tone and it was like a visit from an old acquaintance you don’t care for very much.

“Have you been here long?” Devon asked.

“I needed somewhere quiet to think. Do you mind me coming here?”

“You know I don’t Landon. Day or night you are always welcome in my home.” Devon from this point was not sure if he wanted to ask Landon what was wrong. “Do you care to talk?”

“I think I have it handled now. She is gone.” Landon’s tone was low and it hissed with anger.

Devon leaned back in his chair. “Who is gone?”

“The wicked woman haunting my thoughts. She needed to be tamed.” Landon held his empty glass in the air. “And now she is.”

“What woman are you talking about? Do I know her?” Devon asked, as he grew concerned.

Landon stood up and walked over to the bar again. “It doesn’t matter now Devon, I took care of it.” Landon poured a fresh drink all the way to the rim of his glass and then over the sides, splashing it on the bar top.

Devon watched Landon sluggishly walk back to the chair and slouch down back in it. Devon rose to talk with Landon as Sarah came dashing into the room.

“You are home,” her voice full of excitement. She embraced Devon tightly.

Devon held her close to him as he buried his nose in her neck. Then he whispered, “Words cannot convey how much I have missed you.”

Sarah pulled back from him as she smiled. Whispering back she said, “Perhaps you will show me then.”

Devon kissed her gently.

“How heartwarming.” Landon’s tone indicated his displeasure of them.

Sarah jumped with surprise. “I did not know you were here Landon. Will you not stay for dinner?” Her cheeks flushed with a deep pink color.

Devon whispered something in her ear and her gaze moved to Landon. Sarah then left the room.

Devon’s glare at Landon was fierce. “Do not ever speak to my wife in that manner.”

“Why do you love her Devon? I mean, she is very beautiful woman, but what is it really about her that made you want to throw your life away?”

Devon stared at him. He refused to allow Landon get to him. “I did it because I love her. She is everything to me Landon. Perhaps one day you will understand that yourself.”

“That is no answer Devon. I can see that Sarah is charming, funny, and well,” Landon held up his glass in front of his own face and examined it for a brief moment. Landon raised his heavy lidded gaze and met Devon’s and said, “I certainly know how sweet her lips taste.”

Devon clenched his fists at his sides. He knew he was losing control of himself. Devon strode over to Landon and grabbed the drink from his hand. He smashed the half-full glass into the fireplace. “Get the hell out!”

Landon began to chuckle. He wanted Devon to hit him. “Does that bother you to know I remember what your wife’s lips taste like? She is soft and sweet like honey. Do you taste that too?”

Chuckling again and he continued. “I have to confess I’m wondering if the rest of Sarah’s body tastes of-

Devon’s hands clenched tightly around Landon’s neck. The sound of the legs from the chair splitting echoed throughout the room.

Landon offered no resistance to Devon’s assault on him. In fact, he welcomed it. He wanted to be unconscious. His only hope was that Devon would deliver and rescue him from his thoughts of Brook. Landon wanted Devon to completely knocking out every image, memory of her lavender scent, the sound of her voice ringing in his ears, but most of all, the feeling of loss without her in his arms.

Devon punched him hard the first two times. He grabbed Landon with both hands by his shirt and shook him with brutal force. “Why are you doing this?”

“Hit me again. Harder this time,” Landon said with short breaths. He could taste the blood from his lip. It wasn’t enough. “Hit me again damn it!”

© copyright 2012


Free Romantic Short Story ~ One Night of Passion

One Night Of Passion


Kate felt him grab her arm from behind her and yank her into the hallway. She offered no resistance. She did not even care if anyone had seen them. He led her down the dark hallway to the back of the house towards the east wing. He said nothing as he walked with angry force along the hardwood floors. His large black boots echoed throughout the empty space as they struck the floor.

The glass double doors to the conservatory creaked loudly when he opened them. Moonlight flooded the room filled with exotic vegetation, casting shadows all around them.

He whipped her body around to face him as he shoved her against the wall. His gaze was fierce and his body shook from frustration.

Kate felt herself grow breathless. In all the years she has known him, she had never seen him this angry before. Looking back on it now, she may have pushed him too far this time. He looked crazy.

He took a step towards her and placed his hands on either side of her head on the stone wall. Kate flinched slightly. He leaned in closer and starred at her with an intensity that struck to her core. At this moment she knew her plan may have been a bad idea.

His breath was labored like a bull ready for battle. It blew Kate's dark chestnut hair around her face as it tickled her cheek. She did not dare give it attention; she did not dare move her gaze from his.

The light green of his eyes looked so animal like in the moonlight or maybe it was the glare coming from them at her. They stood out against the black of his hair that was hanging in his face. He didn't blink. He didn't move. He just stood over her and stared at her, almost daring her to turn away from him.

His bare exposed chest rose and fell before her. The white shirt he wore had been ripped open. Kate saw a drop of blood strike it as it fell from his forehead.

"I-I think you may have miss understood what-" Kate's words trailed silent when his hands balled into fists on either side of her head.

This was beginning to make her uncomfortable. She wished he would just start yelling at her already and get it over with. The way he was looking at her was unlike him.

He never professed his love for me to anyone including myself. Am I to wait until he is fit to tell me and miss out on fun or meeting new people? So I danced with the one man he hates more than my brother. I do not see what all the fuss is about. Who is he to tell me who I am to accept a dance from? He never offered himself. I had told him last month I was not going to wait forever and he had said don't, and now he has the gull to become cross with me for listening to him. I have had about enough of this!

"Are you going to say something?" Kate asked. He didn't move. "I am not a mind reader you know." She searched his gaze for any change. "I will not allow you to treat me in this manner."

He leaned in closer to her face. "Oh no?" He finally said with a deep tone.

"No," Kate said. She narrowed her blue eyes at him.

"I think you will allow me to do what I please with you Katie." He glanced down at her lips. His body moved nearer to her. She could not push herself against the wall any further. The tense anger coming off of him was paralyzing. She needed to look away. His gaze burned into her, through her and left her fighting for a steady breath.

He slid his hands up the wall and rested on his elbows at her head. With the rise of her breath her chest grazed against his. He leaned a little closer. "So you like to flirt because that is what you were doing with Beckum, Katie." He watched her eyes closely.

"I most certainly was not!" Kate shouted.

"You were and you knew what you were doing!" He roared at her. Her lips parted at what he said. "You knew I was watching you too. You knew how I would react to it, but I suppose that's what you wanted to begin with, isn't Katie?"

She remained silent and gazed down at the floor. He wanted answers damn it.

"You like to play games and flirt. Ok then." He pulled her chin up to face him. "Then flirt with me. Come on Katie, tease me."

Romantic Story ~ Breathless Passions

While I am struggling with writers block on The temptation of a Kiss I wrote most of a short story. It is a follow up from One Night of Passion for those of you who have read that short story. 

Breathless Passions

Jagger Wilds and Ginger Millings

I'll give you a little teaser but WILL NOT post until I have it finshed.

~ Prologue ~

Lord Pennington whipped to face him. With a trembling fist he drew it up. “You will listen to me damn it! he roared.

Jagger stood where he had entered in the doorway and did not move. His calm demeanor and casual lean on the door frame only fueled his father's fury. “What are you two men to gain from this arrangement?” He glanced over to Mr. Millings.

You disobedient bastard. How dare you make a fool of me,” his stepfather screamed.

Jagger let out a loud chuckle. “I believe you do that all on your own, step father Pennington." He leaned forward off the frame and walked over towards the others. He held out a hand and waited for her to take it.

Ginger glanced wide eyed between her grandfather and his father. “I would like a word in private with you, Lady Millings.” Jagger said. “Do not mind them. Take my hand.”

Her eyes met his bright brown eyes. She had only just made his acquaintance but yet felt a level of trust she could not explain. Reaching her hand up she placed it in his. The strength enclosing around her hand gave her an assurance it would be alright. Ginger watched him as she rose to her feet. The stern hard expression he held for the two men in the room only moments earlier fell away as he smiled at her.

He led her out the doorway and down the hall. With her hand still in his Jagger held her with a secure grip. “There is no need to tremble, Lady Millings." His tone was softly low as he rubbed his thumb over the top her knuckles.

She glanced up at him. Jagger led her onto the balcony in the rear of the townhouse. “I did not expect the evening to unravel this way. My apologies, Lord Wilds.”

He chuckled quietly. “No apologies necessary tonight. I should have seen this coming from my father. His selfish need to secure a future heir is no shock to me.”

Ginger turned towards the night's sky. “I believe it may have been my grandfather's idea. He has always said he desired for me to marry wealth and preferably to a titled family, which you are.”

Jagger gazed at her dark black hair moving in the breeze. Little wisps of it trailed across her cheek and over her lips. “I want you to know you are not the reason for my refusal. I have just become the age of twenty five and am in no way ready to be a husband to any woman. As beautiful as you are Lady Millings, I will not marry a woman you does not love me.”

Ginger turned to him. “I understand.”

You couldn't be a day over twenty yourself,” Jagger added.

Two months ago,” Ginger said and then laughed softly. Turning back to the stars she let out a long sigh. “To be honest, I am relieved you disagreed with the marriage. It will give me a little more time.”

Time for what?” Jagger asked. His gaze fell back down to her profile. The brilliant light blue of her eyes captured the sparkle of the stars above.

Ginger's eyes fell as she bit up her bottom lip. “Time to find someone who will love me for me I guess. To be forced on a man whom you don't know is.” She paused for a moment. “Degrading and embarrassing.”

Not to mention I'm sure terrifying,” Jagger added.

Yes,” Ginger giggled. “I was so nervous at the thought of meeting you and then to know I was to be introduced and married as fast as possible. Sadly if it is not to be you then my grandfather will soon find another suitor for me.”

No wonder why you were trembling," Jagger said. He couldn't stop staring at her.

Well, that has seemed too subsided now.” She gazed up to him. “Thanks to you,” she said softly. His square jaw clenched and she wanted to reach up and stroke him gently. He was beyond handsome.

How about if we make our own arrangement?” Jagger offered.

An arrangement?” Ginger repeated.

Seeing that you will be pushed off onto the next willing man and I will forever be hounded by my stepfather, what if we agree to tell them we are to marry but not for five or so years from now. If before that time you find your true love I will release you from our engagement.”

Ginger smiled at his idea. “And if you happen to find yourself ready and in love I will be happy to do the same for you.” she said.

“To be truthful, I can't imagine any man not finding himself falling in love with you,” Jagger whispered.

Ginger's heart quickened. “Your words are too kind, Lord Wilds.

Jagger.” He leaned in a little closer. “Please, call me Jagger.”

Alright, Jagger. Call me Ginger,” she said as she inched slightly forward. She couldn’t fight it. A sensual lure was pulling toward him. It was something in his eyes. The way he gazed at her. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before, so intense and undeniable. Everything she was feeling was right there in his eyes for her to see. Jagger who are you?

Ginger,” he said as he moved his hand up to her cheek. The tips of his fingers caressed against her soft skin. The heat he felt caused him to pause for a moment. It was intoxicating to feel her.

Yes Jagger,” she finally said gazing into his eyes.

His mouth was just inches away. Telling himself that what he was doing was wrong and reminding himself to stop was to different things. Her breath carried a scent of sweet candy drops and cascaded over his lips with soft tempting gasps. “I'm going to kiss you now.”

Ginger gazed at his tanned skin in the moonlight. His red strong lips beckoned her to them. She had never before been so taken by a man. Growing breathless with passion her eyes slowly closed. “Please,” she whispered as their lips met.


~ Chapter 1 ~

He stared at her waiting. At some point she was going to look over and notice him. Slowly he walked the far outer perimeter of her circle. Jagger knew this day would come and thought of it often.

I would be ever so grateful if you were to accompany me to the art show tomorrow afternoon, Ginger.” Nancy asked with pleading eyes.

Ginger smiled wiry. “I do not think I will be able to schedule that with all the-

Is there any way I might be able to persuade you, Lady Ginger?”

She turned quickly. Nancy's quiet giggles behind her were hidden from no one in attendance. “Marquis Vore, how do you do this evening?” Ginger said as she curtsied before him.
Jagger paused watching the exchange. Is this him?  

I'll post the story when it is complete and NOT before :) 3 more chapters to write making it 13 chapters total.