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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Free Online Romantic Erotic Short Story ~ Seductive Deception chapter 2

Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion

Chapter 2

Martin, the butler, heard the front doors crash open. He ran into the foyer. “Sir?”
“Where is she?”
“I have put her in the west wing one floor above you. I have just called for a bath for the lady, Sir.”
Dean glared at him and said, “Move her to the second floor next door to me. I need to keep a watchful eye on her tonight and she will be leaving by daybreak.”
Martin did as told and moved her to the new quarters. Explanation given was the ceiling add been leaking earlier and he was not told until now. Believable and understandable, so he had hoped.
Kit did not mind the transfer at all. The new room was enormous and cozy with a fireplace that could fit six grown men in it. A large poster canopy bed matching the room size was beautifully carved and set in the center of the room like a center piece. Deep crimson bedding trimmed in gold stood out against the dark wood tones of the bed.
She began to unpack a bag she had with her. Sad my entire life is nuzzled into this small old wore out travel bag.  Her finger ran over the deep crease at the side of it where the leather had long since worn away. Someday you and I will travel to grand exotic places…someday.
“Me lady your bath is ready for ya,” Beatrice her assigned maid said.
Kit smiled thoughtfully at her. “Thank you.” Turning for her bag Kit reached for where she had just left it.
“Looking for this me lady?”
Kit spun around. “Oh yes I was,” she turned again back to where it had been, “I must be losing my senses at this late hour.” She rubbed her hand across her forehead as she closed her eyes.
“No worries me lady. We have everything all set for you.”
“We?” Kit echoed as she opened her eyes gazing upon Beatrice and two taller women standing behind her.
“Yes, we,” Beatrice said. Stepping aside she continued, “This is Mary and this is Margret.”
Kit smiled as they curtsied and then returned the gesture. “I do not believe I will be so much as a hand full to require three woman to aid me.”
The woman giggled softly. Beatrice spoke up first. “Lord Falcon insisted we attend to your every need, me lady.”
“Yes it is true me lady. He was much stipulated on the matter,” Margret stated. She shook her head fondly. “What a kind man he is.”
Mary chuckled out, “Kind? I think you to mean eye-catching, Margret.”
“Oh,” Beatrice burst with a giggle.
“You two fowls are intolerable.” Margret looked to Kit who was doing her best to hide her smile and said, “Me lady, pay them no attention they are merely using myself as their own amusement.”
“Rather forgivable and amusing,” Kit replied.
Beatrice took Kit by the arm, “Now let’s see about getting you into this bath, me lady.” She turned Kit around and unfastened her dress. Mary helped Beatrice with Kit’s attire.
She pulled a leg up and tested the waters temp with her toe.
“My gracious child. How are you not a Duke’s wife?” Margret asked.
“Or a King’s mistress?” Mary added. “Oh to be young again.”
Kit sunk slowly into the steamy bath then gazed back over her shoulder, “And who said I haven’t been.” Laughter coming from the three ladies filled the room. Kit grasped the sponge and rubbed the back of her neck.
The ladies moved about the room gathering kit’s things for bed. “I do say me lady if I had the figure of a Goddess I would most certainly be a titled woman of some sorts and what not,” Mary said.
Lit laughed at that. “I was asked many times for my hand by various suitors.”
“And you turned them all down, me lady?” Beatrice asked. She gazed over to Margret who was behind Kit.
“Well yes,” Kit stated as if she had just then finally given it thought. After a moment she said, “All of them were in love with the idea of me and having me but none loved me,” she said. “Does that make sense?”
“Perfect sense,” Beatrice said. “I have had my share of dealings with-
“Oh mercy here we go,” Mary groaned as she nudged Margret in the arm.
Beatrice’s lips formed a line.
“Yes the sought-after maid of Hallington Lakes,” Margret said while throwing her arms up.
Mary swayed over to where Beatrice sat next to the tub. Holding her hands to her chest she said, “So desirable and beloved my simply fall upon her feet.” Beatrice swatted at her playfully.
Kit watched the two ladies quirky humor and loved every second of it.
“Come come now Mary,” Margret but in, “Mr. Nadler is quite fond of our older sister.” She patted Beatrice on the shoulder.
“Who is Mr. Nadler?” Kit asked, she had to.
“Oh you two hags shush it now,” Beatrice said.
Mr. Nadler is the local grocery boy who has an obsessive fancy for our Beatrice,” Mary said. “And by boy I mean half her years.”
Kit threw her head back and laughed. “That is simply wonderful. So delivers more than just the groceries I take it?”
Beatrice was now a crimson shade and biting her bottom lip. “We should not be discussing this with you, me lady.”
“You do not have a choice now Beatrice my interest is peaked.” Kit leaned over and patted her hand. “Do tell,” Kit whispered then smiled.
Beatrice gazed around. “Well I suppose Lord Falcon will not hear of it.” She looked to Kit,” This room is virtually sound proof.” She began the long story of how her love affair with the young Mr. Nadler started. Her two younger twin sisters helped here and there at Beatrice’s disfavor.
As Kit stood up from the bath a knock sounded on the door. Mary attended the visitor as the other two toweled off Kit’s wet body.
Mary approached Kit smiling like a frivolous school girl. “I dare say me Lady Lord Falcon has extended an invitation for you to join him for a night cap in his study.” Beatrice and Margret squeezed one another’s arms.
Kit glanced down at the floor for a moment then back up to Mary. “Please tell him I respectfully decline.”
Mary clapped her hands together. ”Oh that’s excellent!” Mary turned towards the door then stopped. She put her finger to her lips and tapped for a few seconds then turned towards the ladies. “Did you say respectfully decline?” 
Kit nodded with confirmation.
“But me lady.” Mary protested.
Kit held up a hand and stopped her. “I am grateful for his aid in my situation but I will leave it at that.” She watched Mary make her way back to the door. Kit then turned towards the nightgown laying out upon the bed when she heard Mary let out a small shriek. The woman in front of her gasped and Beatrice covered her mouth. The commotion startled Kit and her towel slipped out of her hands gathering on the floor at her feet.
“You will not join me for a night cap?” Falcon asked. His voice rough and laced with dissatisfaction.
Kit squeezed her eyes closed and let out a soft aggravated sigh. Her yes fluttered open and the gazed at Beatrice and Margret who were standing in astonishment. Kit simply flashed a spurious smile and chivalrously whirled around to face Lord Falcon in her birthday suit, stark-naked and dripping wet.
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  1. I havn't bn able to view chapter 3. How do i do dat pls?

    1. Thank you for commenting. I'm writing chapters 3 and 4 tonight :)

  2. I havn't bn able to view chapter 3. How do i do dat pls?

  3. I havn't bn able to view chapter 3. How do i do dat pls?

  4. I havn't been able to view chapter 3. How do i go about it pls?

    1. I'm writing chapter 3 and 4 tonight! :)

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