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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Steamy Erotic Romance Short Story ~ Seductive Deception chapter 8

Seductive Deception


Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion

Chapter 8

Before Kit could utter another word her face was in his hands and she gazed at him as he ever so very slowly leaned into her lips. He enclosed  her lower lip with the softest of kisses. Kit fought not to fall into his kiss and close her eyes and then he gently moved to her upper lip. Kit’s eye lids lowered and she felt herself react.
Dean slid his hand down her back tenderly pulling her yet closer to him. Her arms wrapped around his neck pushing her beasts onto his bare chest. Something sparked in him. A hungry need to deepen their kiss overtook him. Her moist hot mouth welcomed him.
You cannot take her here. God she is so willing though. Dean felt skin against his skin down his breeches. Kit gripped him hard and Dean let out a grunt. With her other hand she pulled him towards the bar as she walked backwards. With the way she is stroking me this could be over in a few minutes.
Their bodies hit the bar top with a thud. “Sorry,” he said through their kiss.
Kit captured his hair with her hand. “Shut up,” she whispered.
Dean pulled down her dress from her shoulder covering her nipple as the material fell away with his mouth.
“Ah,” she cried out. I want his clothes off.   Kit began pulling at them and Dean shifted his body to press against her as he pulled her hand out of his breeches. He had to stop her he was on the verge of exploding in her hand. Grasping the material of her dress he freed her other breast. I could bite you, Dean thought. Consume every inch of you.
Kit clawed at his back upward to his shoulders.  I didn’t want it to happen this way. Hiding in a corner behind furniture is not something I’ve ever done. He is just so electrifying when he touches me. I want him. I crave so much to feel him inside me. I should stop this. Dean pushed her beast together and kissed her so wickedly. Cruel and unforgiving flicks of his tongue teased her bare flesh. No I can’t. I’m losing control. I must restrain my desire for him. I…I have to maneuver away from him to gain self-control. This has gone too far.
“Oh god,” she cried out as she pulled at his hair. Brutal desperate need was the only thing coming from Kit. Instinctive yearning for more of him had over taken her awareness of anything but him. The rule, she thought. Never get too close. Stay in charge of my emotions and thoughts. The sudden rush of cold air on her breasts as his mouth left her skin pulled her out of her thoughts.
Dean dropped to his knees and pulled up her skirts shoving them into Kit’s trembling hands. She has no garments on. Beautiful blond swirls awaited his touch.
“Lord Fallon wait-
Her words fell away with her every thought. Smooth sultry strokes grazed her inter most guarded place. She stood before him her legs barely spread and exposed for his eyes to see. The malicious wet thrusting of his tongue as he pushed her open further was nearly too much to endure. What is he doing to me? Oh Dean…oh Dean! Deeper. Please push deeper.
Dean’s pleasure full taunting of her flesh was heightened by the thought of being discovered at any moment. Kit didn’t care even if the door was ajar to the hall. She wanted to feel him. She desperately desired to let him do as he wished for it was something she never allowed to happen with any man. Control was always her first focus. Second was seducing men but Dean, Dean was different from any other man that came before him, all except one.
His hands pressed against her hips pushing her back further as he lifted one of her legs setting her foot on a shelf. I am going to tongue you so hard Kitty. You’ll cry my name over and over.
“Oh yes De...” Kit whimpered as his tongue slid inside her. He was showing her no mercy. Every push of his moist hot tongue reached within her deeper.
Dean took hold of her hand and placed it on her own flesh. With his fingers covering her’s he moved them around. He pulled back from Kit’s body slightly and gazed up at her glazed lustful eyes. “Touch yourself for me, Kit.”
He watched her stiff movements at first. That’s it rub your wet skin. Show me you want more.  Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips repeatedly. Dean wrapped his mouth over her fingers as she caressed herself slowly. Kit let out a gasp as she felt him suck at her fingertips.
No what is he doing? This feels so good. Can this be right? Why is he pulling my hand down? Oh! Oh god!
Dean watched her finger press at her own opening. Push your finger in. Stretch out your tight opening for me. His cock was dripping. Never before had he asked a woman to do this. He tongued around Kit’s entrance until her finger glided inside. As it did he reached up fondling her most sensitive spot.
I’ve never felt so aroused. Naughty sinful things he wants from me. Why am I so willingly giving it to him?  She felt his tongue slide around her finger with every thrust it in and out. No I need to feel him inside me. Oh he’s pushing my finger in deeper. Oh yes! I can’t. I can’t. I can’t!
Cries of fulfilling delight came forth out of Kit. Overly loud moans against her flesh from Dean brought her to her climax. He grabbed Kit as her legs began to tremble holding her tight against the bar shelves.
As her body began to relax she took hold of his arms. “Please let me down,” she said breathlessly. Kit’s body slummed to her knees and Dean stood up taking a quick glance at the door.
His erection stared her right in the face. Kit glared at obvious droplets of his desire for her and she reached for him. Dean’s gaze darted down to her as Kit looked up to him. She yanked his trousers with eager wanton. Is she going to now? A passionate sensation fled through Dean as her lips covered him. Unfathomable manipulating came from Kit’s mouth unlike anything he has felt before. Mmm Kit. Yes suck down on me.
Her gaze remained on his face while her deep sucking drew him yet further. Slurping wet suction noises echoed off the walls as Kit forced him down her throat.
Dean glanced down at her with his cock in her mouth. He couldn’t help himself before he could stop he ran his fingers into her hair trying so hard to be gentle about it.
“Kit, that feels so god damn good.” Take me in further. He watched her with heavy lidded gaze. “All the way Kit. Go down all the way.”
She strained against gagging on him as she shoved him in completely. His cock pounded the back of her throat. I want to taste him. Feel him explode deep in my throat. Give him a pleasure he’ll never forget.  
Kit reached for his other hand and placed it on the back of her head. For the first time in her life she was giving up complete control and welcoming his.
Warm delicate hands touched him. She knows how to manipulate those too. Holly shit is this really happening? He was doing his best to hold off and make this moment last. Dean gripped her hair in his hands and moved her as he wanted.
He wasn’t going fast. To her surprise he was guiding her rather slowly. Kit felt his cock begin to throb and pulsate. She heard him cry out her name and then tasted his release.
Neither of them moved after she removed him from her mouth. Dean slid down the wall to the floor after pulling up his trousers. Both breathless and drained they sat in silence.
After a few minutes Kit looked to Dean. “I think it’s best if we remain distant from one another until I leave tomorrow, Lord Fallon.”
Dean’s head whipped instantly up to face her. “Excuse me?”

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Cary J. Davis
Pages of Romance Publishing

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